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Asteroid FM

Dec 4, 2019

Rosa and I sow the seeds of revolution, establish the First Interplanetary, and come up with a plan.

Nov 20, 2019

Change comes to Vesta, in the form of a little good ole fashioned revolutionary solidarity. 

A new crop of miners brings new ambitions, to seize control of the means of production and use them to build a better world for everyone, not just the elite few that hide away in their glass towers on Mars. 

Apr 8, 2019

There's an explosion in Earth orbit, a new mission to Jupiter, and a prison riot. Also there's butterflies. 

Mar 26, 2019

DJ Corry takes a break from the music to tell the tale of how humans first explored the asteroid belt, on a mission to jumpstart terraforming efforts on Mars. 


Mar 15, 2019

DJ Corry is back after a brush with death to talk cancer, medicine, and moral problems of distribution. Featuring hot new synth wave tracks from Destiny Faux, BAK, and the enigmatic NoVox.